Akemi Darkener Super 1 Litre

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Akemi® Darkener Super is especially suited for colour enhancement of dark stone and can be used to treat damaged areas. It is suitable for application to ground and polished stone. Akemi® Darkener Super is weather resistant and can be used indoor and out. It will darken stone to bring out a more rich consistency within the stone pattern, as well as a great way to darken the edges of stone to match a dyed top. 

Akemi® Darkener Super is a solvent-based impregnator that contains reactive modified silicates. It is exceptionally effective in hiding scratches and imperfections on darker-coloured stones and can be used on all finishes to intensify the natural colour of the stone without leaving any residue behind. Akemi® Darkener Super is an excellent repellent of water and dirt.

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