Akemi Impregnation Remover 1 Litre

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Akemi Impregnation Remover has a gel-like consistency and is powerful enough to remove the best stone treatments without scrubbing. It can remove enhancers such as darkeners which did not achieve the desired enhancing effect. It removes both solvent and water-based impregnator treatments alike. Akemi Impregnation Remover is most effective on restoration projects and can be used effectively to remove new, uneven, and old treatments and is capable of removing all deep penetrating products. The only equipment needed is a brush to remove the product from the stone surfaces, along with water, when the stripping process has finished. It is a concentrated, gel-like, highly alkaline cleaning agent. It is odourless, solvent-free and is biodegradable. Akemi Impregnation Remover is also designed to removes stains caused by impregnators, as well as heavy dirt such as lacquer residue on natural stone, concrete, ashlar and clinker. Akemi Impregnation Remover is suitable for horizontal surfaces such as floors and table tops as well as vertical surfaces such as facades and wall coverings, due to its gel-like consistency.

Note: Akemi Impregnation Remover corrodes polished marble, limestone, resin-bonded artificial stone and terrazzo, as well as eloxal and enamel. Do not use on artificial stone which is sensitive to alkalis, painted surface or similar. If in doubt, test on an inconspicuous area.

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