B-Chem Colour Plus Pigments 40ml

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Product Description

Multi-use colouring pastes with high concentration of colouring pigment. Colour Plus has a high concentration of active colouring substances, which yield strong shades from a small amount of colouring paste, without altering the chemical-physical characteristics of paints, adhesives, enamels, base coats. The perfect and constant concentration and spread of the pigment guarantees the accuracy of the shade and the yield of the colour tone. All the colours can be mixed together. To obtain pale colours, it is sufficient to use 0.1% – 0.2% of colouring agent for adhesive in weight. For stronger colours, from 2% to 5% of colouring agent for adhesive in weight is recommended. Mix well before use. Close the bottle after use. Under normal conditions, it does not cause any skin, eye or breathing irritations. Testing Colour Plus on a small sample before actual use is recommended.

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