​4 BIHUI Tools That Will Make Your Tile Project Easier

​4 BIHUI Tools That Will Make Your Tile Project Easier

Published by Apex Grange on 13th Dec 2022

Large format tiles are commonly used during renovation projects these days and they can make a real design statement. These tiles are designed to cover a bigger surface area and whether you’re tiling your floors or your walls, large tiles can make the project quicker and easier as you won’t have as many joints to grout. However, installing these tiles can be more difficult and you may require specialist tools to help you with your project.

Lots of professional tilers will use BIHUI tools and this brand is known for its selection of reliable, high-quality tools. BIHUI provides tools for the safe handling, transportation, cutting and installation of large format tiles, and they can be incredibly useful during renovation projects. To help anyone planning a tile project, below we have listed four popular BIHUI tools that are guaranteed to make things easier for you.

BIHUI Lifting System

Moving large format tiles can be quite difficult. Not only does their size make it harder to pick them up, but they are often much heavier than standard-size tiles. The BIHUI Large Format Lifting System can help you move your large tiles, the suction cups will reduce the likelihood of you dropping the tiles and the soft grip handles will make it easy to pick them up. This robust tool will enable you to move large format tiles around a room with ease and it can be very useful during the installation process too.

BIHUI Transport Cart

Commonly, the BIHUI Transport Cart is used in warehouses to move large tiles, however, it can be useful during a range of renovation projects too. You can use the transport cart to manoeuvre tiles around a property and you won’t have to carry them from one room to another. This cart can be helpful when you’re applying adhesive to large format tiles too and it can double up as a work area. You can leave your tiles on the transport cart whilst you apply adhesive, making them more convenient to pick up and install.

BIHUI Workbench

There’s a high chance you will need to cut large format tiles to size before installing them and the BIHUI Workbench is designed to provide you with a secure surface to cut tiles on. This workbench will help to prevent damage to both your tiles and the work surface whilst you’re cutting or drilling, and it will make it easy for you to prepare your tiles for installation. Although this workbench is robust, it’s surprisingly lightweight and can be disassembled for storage. Not to mention, it can be mounted together with additional tables if you need more space.

BIHUI Manual Rail Cutting System

When you’re preparing large format tiles, you may need some help to ensure you’re cutting them in a straight line and they’re not damaged during the process. The BIHUI Manual Rail Cutting System is a very useful tool to have when you’re working with large tiles, the suction cups and clamps will help to keep the cutting rails in place ready for the tile to be manually cut with the cutting carriage. The break clamps will help you to achieve a clean break as well and you won’t have to re-cut the tiles before they can be installed.

Ordering BIHUI Tools for Your Project

If you’re planning to use large format tiles in your next renovation project, whether you’re redecorating your bathroom, kitchen or another room in your property, the BIHUI products mentioned above will be undeniably useful. Head over to the Apex Grange website today to place an order for all of the tiling supplies you need, our online store makes it quick and easy to get everything required to renovate a property.

We can assure you that we only supply the highest quality products from well-known brands at Apex Grange, and you won’t be disappointed with the tools you receive. For peace of mind, we invite you to read some of our reviews on Trustpilot before placing your order. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about BIHUI tools, get in touch with us today, we’re always happy to help our customers over the phone.