​5 Reasons Why You Should Use Parasilico Silicone Sealant

​5 Reasons Why You Should Use Parasilico Silicone Sealant

Published by Apex Grange on 1st Nov 2022

Whether you’re sealing around a window or you’re sealing joints in plumbing systems, purchasing the right sealant is really important. Commonly, one of the best types of adhesives to use for home improvement projects is a silicone sealant. This sealant is known for its ability to create a watertight and airtight seal, and it’s ideal in a variety of applications.

Whenever you’re looking for a liquid form of adhesive, Parasilico silicone sealant is a great choice. This is one product you can rely on to provide you with the long-lasting seal you need between two surfaces. Below we explored some of the biggest benefits of using Parasilico silicone sealant for your project.

Highly versatile

Parasilico silicone sealant can be used in a huge range of household applications and when you’re looking for a multi-purpose sealant, this is one of the best to purchase. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be used during a huge range of projects, from sealing joints in kitchens and bathrooms to sealing joints in and around swimming pools. Regardless of what your needs may be, it’s highly likely that Parasilico silicone sealant will be suitable.

Straightforward to use

This type of liquid sealant is very easy to apply and whether you use a manual or pneumatic sealant gun, you will be able to achieve the flawless finish you’re looking for. Depending on where you’re using Parasilico silicone sealant, you may need to apply a primer and this is recommended for absorbent surfaces. However, the majority of the time, you can simply apply this silicone sealant with very little preparation work.

Excellent adhesion

Parasilico silicone sealant has impressive adhesive strength, even without a primer. No matter what building materials you’re applying this liquid sealant to, from aluminium, glazed tiles and polyester to glass, steel and treated wood, you can rely on it to create a strong seal between two surfaces. Parasilico silicone sealant has excellent workability and permanent elasticity too, so it will provide you with the watertight and airtight seal you need.


Once applied, Parasilico silicone sealant will last for many years to come. This type of sealant benefits from high resistance to ageing and it is able to withstand all weather conditions, including extreme high and low temperatures. It is also mould resistant and you can use it in humid areas without any concerns. Unlike other silicone sealants, it has impressive UV resistances too and it won’t discolour over time.

Multiple colours available

Standard Parasilico silicone sealant is available in white and transparent, which is suitable for the majority of applications. However, Parasilico Prestige Colour silicone sealant is available in over forty colours and you can easily find the perfect colour for your project. Whether you want your sealant to complement the colour of the joining surfaces or you want to make a design statement with your sealant, Parasilico silicone sealant can help you do so.

Purchasing Parasilico silicone sealant

It’s fair to say that when you’re working on a home improvement project, regardless of what it entails, Parasilico silicone sealant is the perfect adhesive for the job. When searching for somewhere to purchase Parasilico products, explore the Apex Grange website. We supply a range of liquid adhesives and you can rely on us to supply you with Parasilico silicone sealants at competitive prices.

If you need some assistance choosing the best products for your home improvement project, pop into one of our stores. Our experienced team will be happy to help you navigate the vast range of products available and we can provide you with the tailored advice you require. We look forward to assisting you with all of your tiling needs.