​Apex Grange - Why You Should Buy Fila Cleaner Pro Cleaning Solution

​Apex Grange - Why You Should Buy Fila Cleaner Pro Cleaning Solution

Published by Apex Grange on 8th Mar 2022

If you’re cleaning a floor - whether it’s marble, stone, ceramic tiles or wood - it’s crucial that you work with a professional-quality product that can guarantee first-class results. Ultimately, you want to be using a multi-surface floor cleaner that’s versatile, high-performance and straightforward to use. Fila Cleaner Pro is a cleaning product that ticks all of these boxes. It has been specially formulated and manufactured to clean all surfaces with superior results.

Should you be interested in buying Fila Cleaner Pro, then Apex Grange stock and supply this product at an extremely competitive price. In addition to this, we also offer a huge range of tiles and tiling supplies in various categories such as adhesives, grouts, sealants and stone care.

To learn more about the capabilities of Fila Cleaner Pro, its advantages and why you should come to Apex Grange, read the following blog put together by the Apex Grange team. If you have any questions, you can call us on 01707 338 800.

Introducing the Fila Cleaner Product

Fila Cleaner Pro 1 Litre is a professional maintenance product for surfaces. It will meticulously and gently clean many types of floors and surfaces. It does not impact treated and delicate surfaces either.

What’s more, it is a fundamental product for washing and cleaning natural stone floors after they have been laid - especially those floors with a polished finish that have high sensitivity to strong detergents. Fila Cleaner Pro is suitable for a number of surfaces - including porcelain and ceramic tiles, concrete, wood, marble, granite and natural stone.

What are the Advantages?

Fila Cleaner Pro is a product that is massively beneficial as it cleans efficiently, but it doesn’t attack. You don’t have to worry about your surface’s natural beauty being ruined, as this product only cleans. What’s more, it is perfect for the maintenance of all waxed surfaces, so whatever type of surface you have that needs cleaning and maintaining, you can trust Fila Cleaner Pro is the ideal product for the job.

Fila Cleaner Pro is highly concentrated and is capable of being utilised at a number of dilutions. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of this solution - then please visit the Apex Grange website and you can view a technical or safety data sheet.

Why Choose Apex Grange?

There are many reasons why you should visit the Apex Grange online store if you’re looking to buy Fila Cleaner Pro or another item. We provide exceptional customer service from beginning to end, making it a smooth process shopping with us. Our team is here to help you, no matter what your needs and requirements.

We have a strong reputation for excellent customer service with many great reviews from past customers that we’ve served. You can shop with confidence at Apex Grange, as we have a track record of delivering impeccable service and a high level of product.

Do you Have Any specific questions about the Fila Cleaner?

If there is something you would like to ask the Apex Grange team about Fila Cleaner Pro or any other product, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can reach us by phone on 01707 338 800 to speak with a member of our team. We can provide you with all the details you need, answer all your queries and help you find the exact item.

You can also contact us via email at sales@apexgrange.com or by leaving a message on the contact form on our website. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. To discover our entire product range from preparation products and stone care to adhesives, grouts and sealants - head to the Apex Grange website now.