​The Benefits of the BIHUI Vibration Tile Beater

​The Benefits of the BIHUI Vibration Tile Beater

Published by Apex Grange on 20th Dec 2022

When you’re planning an industrial tile project, it’s key to ensure you have the correct tools to help you. There’s a huge range of tools available that can make every part of the installation process easier, from cutting the tiles to ensuring they are level once installed, and they can streamline the process of installing wall or floor tiles.

It’s highly recommended that you invest in a tile beater when you’re working on tile projects and this one tool can be hugely beneficial. Many turn to the well-known brand BIHUI for the tile tools they need and thankfully, they have a cordless tile beater that can help you to get more done during the working day. The BIHUI vibration tile beater is undeniably a great tool to have and below we have looked into the benefits of this tile beater in more detail.

What is a Tile Beater?

Simply put, a tile beater is a tool that is designed to remove residual air bubbles when you’re installing tiles. It isn’t uncommon for air to get trapped between the tile and adhesive, and the vibration action of this tool will easily remove any air bubbles. Not to mention, it will also help to evenly distribute the adhesive under the tile, assisting the installation process.

The BIHUI vibration tile beater also has a convenient suction cup, making it easier to pick up and position any tiles you’re installing. This suction cup has a 25kg lifting capacity, so it’s ideal for larger tiles, and it will help to prevent the fiddly and messy process of attempting to get a tile into position during installation.

Why is this BIHUI Tool Beneficial to Have?

Although it is possible to install tiles without using a tile beater, it’s beneficial to use this tool. It’s more important than you may initially realise to remove any air bubbles that are trapped between the tile and adhesive. Not only will this help to ensure the tiles are secure and less likely to debond over time, but it can also help to prevent the tiles from cracking too. The trapped air can cause the tile to be more vulnerable to breakage.

The BIHUI vibration tile beater is a convenient alternative to using a mallet when you’re installing tiles and it’s much more suitable for delicate tiles. It will also be more effective than simply pressing down on the tile with your hands. You can use the tile beater suction cup to carefully move the tiles into position on the wall or floor and then switch on the vibration to remove any air bubbles. This tile beater has three different vibration frequencies to choose from, so you can select the most suitable for the type of tile you’re installing.

Since this BIHUI tool is powered by a lithium battery, you won’t have to worry about finding a plug socket either. The BIHUI cordless, compact and lightweight tile beater is very straightforward to use and it even features a TPR grip handle for maximum comfort. Regardless of how many tiles you have to install, how big they are or what they’re made from, the BIHUI vibration tile beater can simplify the installation process.

Purchasing a BIHUI Vibration Tile Beater Online

It’s fair to say that a tile beater is incredibly beneficial when you’re installing wall or floor tiles and if you’re interested in purchasing the BIHUI vibration tile beater, visit the Apex Grange website today. We stock a selection of popular BIHUI tools and you can order via our website in confidence knowing customer satisfaction is very important to us. We will do all we can to get your tiling tools and supplies to you as quickly as possible.

To find out more about the BIHUI vibration tile beater and how it works, feel free to get in touch with our expert team. You can call us on 01707 338 800 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With many years of experience, we will be happy to provide you with any advice and guidance you may need when purchasing new tools for your upcoming industrial tiling projects.