The Major Advantages of Using Tilemaster Prime and Grip

The Major Advantages of Using Tilemaster Prime and Grip

Published by Apex Grange on 10th Jan 2022

Preparation is one of the most fundamental stages of any commercial or domestic project that you undertake. It is essential for the overall success of your project that you begin by setting up the right conditions. Failure to adequately and suitably prepare could result in various challenges and issues arising later on, and as a consequence, you could face many more project costs.

Should you be planning ahead for the preparation stage of your next project, then Apex Grange can supply you with the products, materials and supplies that you need. We’re a trusted supplier of everything from adhesives and grouts, to primers and admixes.

If you have been specifically considering purchasing the Tilemaster Prime and Grip, then Apex Grange can source this at a competitive price. Please continue reading to find out more about the advantages of utilising Tilemaster Prime and Grip for your project.

How can the Tilemaster Prime and Grip Solution Assist you?

The Tilemaster Prime and Grip is a ready-mixed, ready-to-use, rapid drying primer that is suitable for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. When it is utilised on a residential or commercial project, it will deliver a superior bonding surface for Tilemaster tile adhesives and self-levelling compounds.

Furthermore, with impressive bond enhancing properties, it will give you added confidence when you are tiling or self-levelling. Likewise, as it has rapid drying properties, you will be able to tile or level over the Tilemaster Prime and Grip solution as quickly as 15 minutes after it has been used. This makes it ideal for any projects which demand a quick turnaround. No matter whether you are working internally or externally, this product is suitable for all types of jobs.

It can be applied on pretty much all substrates including sand/cement screed, concrete, plywood overlay, electric underfloor heating, porcelain and natural stone tiles. We recommend using this primer in collaboration with the Tilemaster FAST Coat DPM, in order to obtain the very best end results. Here at Apex Grange, we sell the Tilemaster Prime and Grip 5KG product at a very affordable price.

Reasons to Visit Apex Grange

With a range of retailers in the market, knowing where’s best to shop can be difficult. You need to consider various factors such as pricing, availability, customer service and delivery times, before making any particular decision. At Apex Grange, we believe that we offer the very best service around. Anytime that you purchase from us, you will receive exemplary, first-class customer service.

From the moment you place your order to the day it’s delivered to your door, we’ll ensure that everything is dealt with smoothly and efficiently. We aim to provide fast delivery with standard deliveries usually arriving within 5 working days.

In addition to this, we boast an extensive range of products, spanning from adhesives, sealants and grouts to cements, primers and levelling. No matter what you’re looking for alongside the Tilemaster Prime and Grip, we can source it for you at a top price.

Have any Questions you’d Like to ask?

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