GRABO® PRO Vacuum Lifter with Digital Pressure Gauge and Built In 14.8v Li-Ion Battery

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Product Description

The GRABO® PRO makes much easier handling of many construction materials, reducing the strain on your fingers and back.

  • Grabs many surfaces, including wet, dusty, riven or porous materials
  • Perfect for paving, tiling, worktops, plasterboard, panelling, glazing, appliances, etc.
  • Keeps your hands out of primer and adhesive on the reverse of paving, tiles or cladding
  • Less strain on your fingers and back
  • Can lift up to 170kg
  • Digital pressure gauge provides visual grip indication
  • One Li-ion battery (built in) for all day use
  • The GRABO® Plus comes in a tough fabric bag
  • Includes filter, one battery and charger

Disclaimer: The GRABO® PRO is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person's weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.

Other Details

297mm x 181mm x 115mm
Charge Time:
2 Hours
Working Time (Full Charge):
1.5 Hours
14.8v Li-ion Battery (Built In)