Kerakoll Silicone Color 310ml

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Product Description

Kerakoll Silicone Color is a high performance decorative sealant for porcelain and ceramic tiles. This silicone sealant is available in 50 colours, which match with the corresponding Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout range. This ensures that there is always the perfect grout and silicone combination for your tiling project.

Kerakoll Silicone Color develops a high degree of adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces. This guarantees the integrity and watertightness of ceramic and porcelain coverings subject to deformation. Kerakoll Silicone Color is for elastic, waterproof sealing of expansion and connection joints. You can use it on a range of substrates including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass fibreglass.

Kerakoll Silicone Color is resistant to mould, freezing and has high chromatic stability. This tiling silicone is ideal for sealing porcelain and ceramic tiles. It can even be used in swimming pools and other areas that have permanent contact with water. Suitable for both internal and external use, including in environments subject to freezing.

Kerakoll are leading the pack when it comes to green products for bio building. They have a keen eye on lowering the environmental impact their products have on the planet. Kerakoll Silicone Color is made from locally sourced materials, reducing the carbon footprint of the product. It also has low VOC emissions and a low ecological impact.

Features & Benefits of Kerakoll Fugabella Grout

  • Anti-mould
  • High chromatic stability
  • Resistant to freezing
  • Suitable for both internal and external use
  • Ideal for sealing porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Ideal for swimming pools and for permanent contact with water
  • Eliminates the risk of salt and lime deposit formation
  • Available in 50 colours
  • Matching hybrid grout available

Other Details

50 Different Colours
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