Mapei Elastorapid Grey Part A 20kg + Part B 5kg

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Product Description

Two-component, high performance, highly deformable, quick-setting and drying cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stone material.

Where To Use

Bonding to internal and external walls and floors of all types and sizes of ceramic tiles (single-fired, double-fired, porcelain, clinker, terracotta, etc.), natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) and artificial materials which are slightly sensitive to humidity (class B MAPEI dimensional stability standard) which require the use of a fast-drying adhesive.

Some Application Examples

  • Laying ceramic and stone floor coverings which are subject to intense traffic.
  • Quick repair operations where the floor needs to be put into service immediately (public buildings, motorway service areas, supermarkets, airports and pedestrian areas). Compared with other fast-setting adhesives, the longer pot-life of Elastorapid makes it more easy to apply even during hot weather.
  • Laying tiles on deformable substrates: marine plywood, wooden agglomerates (if sufficiently stable to water), old wooden floors, etc.
  • Quick laying or repair of tiled finishes in places such as swimming pools, refrigeration units, industrial plants (breweries, wine cellars, dairies etc.).
  • Laying large-sized ceramic and stone tiles on façades, balconies, terraces, and sun-roofs and patios which are subject to direct sunlight and thermal gradients.
  • Laying tiles in areas subject to high mechanical stresses and vibration (railway underpasses, underground railway platforms, etc.).
  • Laying tiles on concrete substrates and pre-cast walls.
  • Laying large-format tiles on heated screeds or on top of existing floor coverings in ceramic, terrazzo, marble, etc.
  • Laying tiles on surfaces waterproofed with Mapelastic or Mapegum WPS.
  • Laying stone material which is sensitive to stains (white Carrara, etc.).

Technical Characteristics

  • Elastorapid is a two-component adhesive available in grey or white consisting of a special binder and selected silica sand (comp. A) and a synthetic latex rubber (comp. B). When the two components are mixed together, a mortar with the following characteristics is obtained
  • Low viscosity, therefore easy to apply
  • Highly thixotropic: Elastorapid may be applied on vertical surfaces without sagging, and even large-sized, heavy tiles do not slip. Tiles may be laid starting from the top of the surface without using spacers.
  • The pot-life of the mix is particularly long compared with other fast-setting adhesives, making the laying operation easier even during the summer at high temperatures.
  • Good capacity for accommodating deformation of the substrate and tiles (chipboard, marine plywood, concrete, etc.).
  • Perfect bonding to all materials normally used in building.
  • Thicknesses of up to 10 mm set without shrinkage and without a reduction in thickness, until a considerably high mechanical strength is reached.

Elastorapid has high bonding strength after only 2-3 hours therefore, floor and wall coverings may be put into service very quickly

CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO EN 12004 Elastorapid is a highly deformable (S2), improved (2), fast-setting (F) cementitious (C) adhesive, slip-resistant (T) and with extended open time (E), classified as C2FTE S2.

Conformity of Elastorapid is declared in ITT certificate No. 25070277/Gi (TUM) and No. 25080024/Gi (TUM) issued by the Technische Universität München laboratory (Germany).

  Technical Datasheet   Safety Datasheet (Part A)   Safety Datasheet (Part B)