Mapei Fuga Fresca Grout Paint 160g

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Polymeric paint to refresh the colour of the cementitious grout joints between tiles.

Where To Use

Fuga Fresca is a ready-to-use paint for internal areas which is quickly and easily applied to rejuvenate, refresh and modify the colour of cementitious grout joints between tiles. Some application examples Fuga Fresca is used to eliminate irregularities in the colour of grout-joints caused, for example, by incorrect application of the mortar, or to eliminate unsightly stains caused during use.

Technical Characteristics

Fuga Fresca is a water-based polymeric, acrylic resin-based paint which, thanks to its special characteristics and excellent covering qualities, allows joints with a uniform colour to be produced with lower water absorption that are easy to clean.


  • Do not use for external applications or on surfaces subjected to continuous immersion (swimming pools, basins, etc.).
  • If the product is used on terracotta floors or on stone material with a porous, absorbent surface, it must only be applied on the joints to avoid staining the tiles.
  • Apply the product on cementitious joints which have been cured for at least 48 hours.
  • Do not use on epoxy grouts or on expansion joints sealed with silicone or polyurethane based products.
  • Do not use Fuga Fresca to consolidate friable grout or those with poor mechanical strength due to inadequate hydration.
  • If the colour difference between the original colour and the new colour is too great, it may be necessary to apply more than one coat.

Extra Information

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