SquEasy Wash System Washboy

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It is considered to be the perfect grout cleaning solution, allowing you to finish jobs twice as fast as using just a bucket and sponge. It will also help to reduce fatigue with it's ease of use. This system allows you to keep a consistent water content in the sponge every time you wash it. It works with 99% of sponge floats used in the industry.
With this new innovative and intuative press-system, you will always achieve the best results. Work easier, faster and more ergonomically.

Benefits of using SquEasy

- A precise and repeatable amount of water in the sponge every time
- Increase the lifetime of your tool with only one vertical movement needed
- Less wear and tear on wrists, shoulders and back due to only a single press being required

Recommended sponge floats are 14-28 cm / 5-7 inches, and the adjustable adapters on the handle makes the SquEasy system compatible with 30, 35 or 40mm thick sponge floats.

Nodin's SquEasy wash system is growing in popularity the world over, having already become widely adopted in the European market.

We feel this product would be a great addition to any professional tilers grout tools.

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