Mapei Primer G 5kg

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Synthetic-resin-based water-dispersion primer which, once applied to any surface, dry to form a flexible, compact, shiny coating which consolidates the surface, where needed. Primer G also improves the adhesion of smoothing compounds, paint, adhesive for wall paper, adhesive for tiles and mortar for renders. The film of Primer G on the surface of gypsum or cement, prevents any chemical reaction between sulphates and the cement alluminates of the tile adhesives which, in the presence of moisture, leads to the formation of the salt “ettringite’’ which is the cause of tiles breaking away from gypsum substrates. Primer G makes wallpaper stripping far easier and decreases the amount of glue used for paperhanging. When used before applying sprayable plasters, Primer G prevents over-rapid absorption of water by the substrate, prolongs finishing time and helps prevent shrinkage cracks. When used before the application of self-levelling compounds, Primer G reduces the formation of air


Some application examples include:

  • Preparing cement-based surfaces prior to smoothing with self-levelling or thixotropic smoothing compounds.
  • Between layers of smoothing compounds once the first coat is perfectly dry.
  • On gypsum plasters prior to smoothing with cementitious products.
  • On anhydrite surfaces prior to applying cement based products.
  • On cementitious renders prior to smoothing with gypsum based products.
  • On gypsum walls as a fixative for wallpaper adhesives.
    • gypsum plasters and sprayed gypsum;
    • prefabricated gypsum panels;
    • fibrous-gypsum panels;
    • anhydrite screeds.
  • Treating gypsum walls, chipboard, cement fibre boards, foamed concrete, renders etc. prior to papering or painting.

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